REVOLUSHUN®: The Fastest Growing Movement on Earth  

Global Crisis

"These are the times that try men's souls."
Sir Thomas Paine
Let it be known by all before whose eyes these words pass that the seemingly endless stalemate between good and evil is behind us. As these letters are read by your eyes and before this 24 hour period passes, 175,000 people will have joined the ranks of this REVOLUSHUN®.

By: Dr. Rick Amato
Recently, statistics were released citing that Islam was the fastest growing religion on earth, and this is true as it applies to religion.

In fact, this group of our species is evolving so fast that under current trends, the entire world will be composed of such believers by the year 2032.

Knowing there will be massive resistance as well as amazing miracles, the evidence suggests that this new, rather original form of Biblical Christianity is a phenomenon that cannot be ignored or denied.

This REVOLUSHUN® is difficult to imagine for North American Christians, who see only dead ritual, massive loss of youth and children and worn out ministers and churches that have turned their services into stage-show comedy routines and social networking clubs.

Many are comfortable to be lost in the mass of the mega church or steeped in the tradition of the dying family church. However, God has chosen a few good people to return to the book of Acts and the pastoral epistles as the model of corporate worship as through Finding Myself and Finding God® and the inspiration of a TTI®-inspired elder, they are learning that the church is indeed alive and well. And, once again, as not seen since its conquest of the Roman Empire, this church is supernaturally changing the entire planet.

Supernatural miracles and astonishing acts, which defy denial or explanation outside the involvement of a power greater than man himself, are occurring as rapidly as the 175,000 people a day are joining this march toward the destiny of God.

Meeting in forests, caves, sewers and houses or on beaches or any other place, they are discovering where two or three gather in the name of Jesus Christ to speak the truth in love, as He promised, the Holy Spirit of God is there! Addicts are becoming productive members of society, the husbands and fathers the world so longs to see. Depressed people are finding joy that cannot be described and a path of light they have never known. Anxiety-stricken people riddled with panic attacks are finding an inner tranquility that changes the atmosphere of an entire room when they walk into it.

The crisis globally and especially in the United States of America has no political solution. The only thing that will save us now is a REVOLUSHUN®.

In this REVOLUSHUN®, centered around the shed blood of Jesus Christ on the Cross and His empty tomb on the third day, there are four basic underlying thoughts of which the consciousness of the human species is being rid:

 I I am exactly as I am, and I could never change.
II I am separate from other people and must have their approval in order to feel good and complete within myself.
III If I or someone else makes a mistake, we are no longer deserving of love but should instead be punished.
IV A certain standard of living and performance determines the value of a human being.
At all cost, these lies, embedded into the human psyche by thousands of years of multiple religious teachings, are now being erased from the collective unconscious and the single focal points in individuals liberating them to experience the meaning of being a free spirit and experiencing the immeasurable and limitless powers available to them beginning with conscious contact with the ultimate power - love.

Though it is a mystery, the Creators themselves were manifested in human form in a simple, manual-labor builder from Nazareth, Israel, by the name of Yeshua. Yeshua, a Jew, fit all the criteria for the Messiah after thousands of years of supernatural manifestations and prophetic revelations through the nation of Israel, which is the nation the Creators chose to display their intentions and plans in the evolution of consciousness of our species.

Through his life, teachings and ultimately His death, burial and resurrection, Yeshua, the founder of the REVOLUSHUN®, showed the meaninglessness of religion and ritual in a stunning contrast to relationship and regeneration.

Guilt, shame, fear and blame are at the core of almost all criminal acts. This is because they are at the core of negative thought and action. The worst of all crimes is the representation of God on earth by those who reject the kingdom of God, and falsely brainwash and alienate those who are seeking to enter it. Through greed, they make merchandise of people, where God would make miracles of them.

The miracle of this REVOLUSHUN® is that these long-held lies may be abolished in one fell swoop. They are abolished by embracing the idea that Jesus of Nazareth is indeed the man God chose to someday judge the living and the dead, and who now demands that everyone everywhere change the way they think because of a soon-coming, appointed day - an appointed day in which every person will be fairly judged by their Makers. And, men and women will be fairly judged because Jesus Christ was God manifested in human form on the earth and witnessed by over 500 men at one time to have transcended death by His revolutionary way of thinking and acting.

His actions on the Cross are the center of human history. Everything before this event, all myths of religion, all the quests of mankind to connect to his Source and all actions taken by every single person ever born point towards it. Everything since that day, including every established action in His name, every war ever waged because of it and every single individual's desire to be free, has pointed back to it.

Jesus Christ was the final victim. By faith in His shed blood, a person loses from their consciousness all guilt, shame, fear and blame. By learning the Jesus Christ teachings and daily remaining in thoughtfulness of them, through the divine energy of God, a person is rocketed into the very real and scientifically proven fourth dimension of which the normal state of consciousness is only minimally aware.

Able to see with their hearts and intuit with their bellies, these are those, who find that Jesus Christ is indeed the prototype of many more brothers and sisters - those who will live forever and rule on the earth, those who are called out of the slavery and limitations of time and space and bondage to our lower, evil, animal-like desires and into a new world where thoughts are things. By meditating upon His teachings, a source of power, love and Good, Orderly, Discipline replaces an old life of unmanageability and pain.

If you would like to join this REVOLUSHUN® and meet with people near you, who are united, determined and able to help you in ways beyond anything you can think or imagine to face any crisis, then the words you are reading now are no coincidence. You have been divinely led to just this spot in your life, so hold on because help is on the way.
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